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Corporate and Commercial Transactions

Whether it’s completing basic corporate organization documents, or handling an important business transaction, Simons & Stephens has the knowledge and experience to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to protect your financial interests. Too many people enter into the most important of business deals without the proper advice and with incomplete or flawed documents. When things go wrong, these people are faced with serious and costly problems. Another common mistake is when people invest in schemes promising returns that are “too good to be true.”

Simons & Stephens can give you the right advice, carry out the proper due diligence and prepare the documents you need to ensure that your interests are fully protected in whatever business you enter into.


If you have a problem that may require a courtroom solution, Simons & Stephens is there for you. We’ve handled some of the most serious and complex of cases, and we do so with absolute dedication to our clients and with the view of obtaining the best possible outcome. While over 95% of all cases never make it to trial, some people may still need to initiate court proceedings to protect their interests. Sometimes doing so requires a novel or sophisticated approach in order to advance their positions.

Simons & Stephens has the knowledge and experience to navigate the unfamiliar and treacherous waters associated with litigation and advance your case in the most effective and beneficial manner possible.

Our litigators are focused on delivering unmatched personalized attention and intense focus on every detail of your case. Whether you’re trying to buy, sell or lease a property or business, engage in a financial agreement, further your business goals, settle an estate, build something or another issue, Simon & Stephens will fight for your best interests. Contact our office to schedule your consultation today.


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